Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for State Parkway’s Board of Directors

UPDATE: MARCH 21, 2019 For the third straight month, Property Manager neglected to post the monthly financials on eSTAR by the 20th of each month. UPDATE: FEBRUARY 21, 2019 State Parkway’s financials for the month and year ended December 31, 2018, and for the month ended January 31, 2019, have yet to be posted on […]

How Unit Owners Voted At The 2018 Annual Meeting And Election Of Directors

ORIGINAL POST: OCTOBER 10, 2018 Yesterday afternoon, my wife and I finally received a copy of the proxies and ballots that we had asked to inspect. CondoCPA reported that 103 unit owners voted. It did not include my ballot, which I signed but left blank because I know elections at State Parkway are rigged. And […]

Board Nullifies Windows Hardware Amendment To Declaration Approved By At Least 2/3rds Of Unit Owners

UPDATE: OCTOBER 18, 2018 Board President Tom Battista sent a email response to my followup email this morning. He backtracked, saying “The Board did not nullify.  We were told that the requisite number of valid ballots fell short of a sufficient number for the proposal to prevail.  I will confirm this” I then sent Mr. […]

State Parkway Fails To Make Proxies and Ballots From Annual Meeting & Election Available For Inspection

ORIGINAL POST: OCTOBER 4, 2018 State Parkway failed to make the proxies and ballots from the September 24, 2018, annual meeting available for inspection by today’s deadline. This is not good news for the “transparent” board of directors.

Board Of Directors Has An Excellent Chance To Win At BINGO! This Year!

ORIGINAL POST: SEPTEMBER 11, 2018 Senior citizens love to play BINGO! State Parkway’s aging board of directors is no exception. The board is feeling quite giddy these days. Part of it is because it knows it has an excellent chance of winning at BINGO! this year. Below is the link to the board’s game card: […]

Board Makes Closed Session Decision To Retain CondoCPA To Tabulate Proxies And Ballots At Annual Meeting

ORIGINAL POST: SEPTEMBER 9, 2018 State Parkway’s board of directors, famous for engaging in proxy fraud, has re-retained corrupt CondoCPA to tally proxies and ballots at the September 24, 2018, Annual Meeting of Unit Owners and Election of Directors. This means CondoCPA will make between $500-$750 for a simple tabulation job that most likely won’t […]

State Parkway Falsely Claims Unit Owners Have Elected To Only Partially Adopt The Reserve Study’s Recommendations

ORIGINAL POST: AUGUST 22, 2018 State Parkway’s board of directors accepted the 2016 Reserve Study Update early last year. However, CondoCPA’s management representation letter, despite NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE, asks the board to falsely represent that unit owners have elected to only partially adopt the reserve study’s recommendations. State Parkway’s unit owners never made such an […]

Board’s Plan To Approve Minutes From Controversial March 26, 2018, Special Unit Owners’ Meeting Foiled

Below is a post that is still in progress. ORIGINAL POST: MAY 26, 2018 When I saw the agenda for last Tuesday’s board meeting posted in advance. I saw the board made plans to approve the minutes from the controversial March 26, 2018, special unit owners’ meeting. Unfortunately, that power only rests with the unit […]

Board Posts Plain Vanilla Agenda For Tomorrow Night’s Board Meeting

ORIGINAL POST: Moments ago, the association just posted the agenda for tomorrow night’s board meeting. It’s one of the most plainest agendas I have ever seen during my 15 years at State Parkway. There are only three items under old business, including decisions that most likely were improperly made via email votes, and just one […]

What Happened To The May 21, 2018, Special Meeting Of The Unit Owners?

ORIGINAL POST: May 14, 2018 At the last special meeting of the unit owners, the Association refused to disclose the voting results and continued the meeting/voting until May 21, 2018. However, there’s a regular board meeting scheduled for 6:15 PM on May 22, 2018, but no call and notice has been issued for another special […]

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