Two VIPs Found Hanged In State Parkway’s Portico

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 1, 2018 Yesterday, on Halloween, two people were found hanged in State Parkway’s portico. Chicago Police said they both were VIPs but would not release their names until after next of kin were notified. The official police photo of the crime scene is below:   So take this quiz: who were the […]

Board Posse Found Safe Wandering In The Wilderness Eating Quail And Manna

ORIGINAL POST: SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 The other night, alert doorstaff called 9-1-1 after it realized the board posse did not return to 1445 immediately following the board meeting at Wintrust Bank. Chicago Police immediately responded and launched an international search for the board posse, which numbered about a dozen unit owners. Earlier today, the entire […]

CondoCPA Still Waiting For An Attorney Letter Before Finalizing Audit

ORIGINAL POST: AUGUST 15, 2018 Yesterday I learned that the delay in the 2017 Audited Financial Statements is due to waiting for one of State Parkway’s lawyers to respond to CondoCPA’s letter of audit inquiry. This part is actually true. Which law firm is it? Neville and Mahoney? Levenfeld Pearlstein, LLC? Litchfield Cavo? Or Canel, […]

State Parkway’s Unit Owners, Their Lawyers And Financial Advisors Are Still Waiting In Line For Their Copy of 2017 Audit

ORIGINAL POST: JULY 28, 2018 As CondoCPA’s audit of State Parkway enters its unprecedented fifth month, the line of unit owners, their attorneys and financial advisors waiting for their copy of the 2017 Audited Financial Statements are getting longer and longer. Above, State Parkway’s unit owners took a break from standing in line and followed […]

State Parkway’s Board Of Directors Trade Places With Association’s Property Manager

ORIGINAL POST: JULY 24, 2018 In an unprecedented move last night, the property manager announced following Executive Session that he and the board have agreed to trade places, effective immediately. Afterwards the former property manager immediately moved, second and solely adjourned himself. This means the property manager’s tasks will be completed by five former board […]

State Parkway’s 2017 Audited Financial Statements To Be Fully Redacted

ORIGINAL POST: JUNE 7, 2018 In an effort to improve transparency at State Parkway, the association will distribute a fully redacted copy of State Parkway’s 2017 Audited Financial Statements, prepared by CondoCPA, to all unit owners. Unit owners will have about a dozen pages of blank paper to do whatever they wish. They can make […]

Lieberman Management Services, Inc., Changes Name To Lieberman Escort Services, Inc.

ORIGINAL POST: JUNE 3, 2018 Lieberman Management Services, Inc., is now Lieberman Escort Services, Inc. The new company’s press release stated, “[O]ur brand name matters. A lot. And it pays to get it right.” The press release goes on to state, “There was tremendous confusion about us being a management company instead of an escort […]

State Parkway’s New Giant Outdoor Tic-Tac-Toe Board Hints Best Opening Move

ORIGINAL POST: MARCH 5, 2018 Remember the 225 s.f. fenced in landscaping that was replaced by asphalt tic-tac-toe grid without unit owners receiving advance notice? One of the nine squares is much darker than the other eight. That’s so non-experts can get the hint to make the game’s opening move on the southwest square. To […]

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