“Time For Transparency” Board and State Parkway’s General Counsel Are Still Struggling w/Duty to Disclose

Condominium Corporation directors and officers owe a duty to disclose material information to unit owners. However, the responses I received from the Association’s new general counsel refused to answer each of the 17 questions I submitted to the board on March 30, 2019, because I was unable to observe the majority of the Association’s March […]

How To Decide Whether Or Not De-conversion Is Right For You?

Thanks to former board president Michael Cleavenger, and former directors Howard Robinson, Mary Marta,¬†current¬†directors Kevin Phelan and Pauline Oberland, tonight’s de-conversion meeting was really an unmitigated disaster! In fact, most unit owners that attended tonight’s meeting did not know about the unsolicited $45 million dollar offer from John Buck for State Parkway Condominium that was […]

Board’s Effort To Pay LMS Additional Fees For “Accounting Services” Foiled

UPDATE: OCTOBER 3, 2018 According to the agenda for tonight’s board meeting that was posted in the laundry room, the board will consider paying LMS “An accounting Fee Increase of up to $500 monthly” for Changes from Modified to Accrual Accounting and P&L Coding Review. Lieberman already gets $15K per month and the above is […]

Board Posse Found Safe Wandering In The Wilderness Eating Quail And Manna

ORIGINAL POST: SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 The other night, alert doorstaff called 9-1-1 after it realized the board posse did not return to 1445 immediately following the board meeting at Wintrust Bank. Chicago Police immediately responded and launched an international search for the board posse, which numbered about a dozen unit owners. Earlier today, the entire […]

Lincoln Park Condo Tower Buyer Sues Draper & Kramer After Being Misled About Upcoming Hikes

ORIGINAL POST: SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 EDITOR’S NOTE: I FORWARDED THE LINK BELOW TO ACTING TREASURER PAULINE OBERLAND AND THE REST OF THE BOARD, AND REMINDED THEM THAT STATE PARKWAY IS ONLY IN ITS 3RD YEAR OF AN UNANNOUNCED 13-YEAR SPECIAL ASSESSMENT! https://therealdeal.com/chicago/2018/09/19/draper-kramer-misled-buyer-in-lincoln-park-condo-tower-lawsuit-claims/ SOURCE: INDEPENDENT AMERICAN COMMUNITIES https://independentamericancommunities.com/2018/09/26/hoa-condo-co-op-corruption-fraud-theft-roundup-sept-2018/  

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