Suggested New Year’s Resolutions for State Parkway’s Board of Directors

UPDATE: MARCH 21, 2019 For the third straight month, Property Manager neglected to post the monthly financials on eSTAR by the 20th of each month. UPDATE: FEBRUARY 21, 2019 State Parkway’s financials for the month and year ended December 31, 2018, and for the month ended January 31, 2019, have yet to be posted on […]

Accounting for Corrupt and Incompetent Treasurer Pauline Oberland

UPDATE: MARCH 2, 2019 The other day I sent a letter to the Association’s new general counsel, Nicholas Bartzen, informing him that the December 2018 financials and January 2019 financials is already more than 40 days late and 10 days late, respectively, in being posted on Lieberman’s e-STAR portal for unit owner review. Told him […]

Will Regional Director Sara Kacheris Make It To Monday Night’s Budget Adoption Meeting?

UPDATED POST: NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Sara failed to appear at the meeting because she was “sick.” However, she was well enough to participate by telephone.   ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 25, 2018 Tomorrow night is State Parkway’s budget adoption meeting, the big question is will LMS’s Regional Director Sara Kacheris show up? a) Yes, but like […]

Board Denies Presence Of Fatal Errors In 2019 Budget But Still Refuses To Answer Simple Questions

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 20, 2018 The budget adoption meeting is still on for Monday, but with the Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaching, my wife and I have yet to receive responses to our simple questions from the Association run by the “Time for Transparency” Board of Directors, which still has an unfilled vacant board officer/director position. […]

State Parkway’s October 2018 Financial Statements Not Yet Posted On Lieberman Management Services’ eSTAR Portal

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 20, 2018 Today is November 20, 2018, and Lieberman Management Services, Inc., has yet to make State Parkway’s financial statements for the month and year-to-date ending October 31, 2018, available on its e-STAR portal. Apparently the “Time for Transparency” Board is not yet ready for transparency.

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