Will Regional Director Sara Kacheris Make It To Monday Night’s Budget Adoption Meeting?

UPDATED POST: NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Sara failed to appear at the meeting because she was “sick.” However, she was well enough to participate by telephone.   ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 25, 2018 Tomorrow night is State Parkway’s budget adoption meeting, the big question is will LMS’s Regional Director Sara Kacheris show up? a) Yes, but like […]

Board Denies Presence Of Fatal Errors In 2019 Budget But Still Refuses To Answer Simple Questions

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 20, 2018 The budget adoption meeting is still on for Monday, but with the Thanksgiving Holiday quickly approaching, my wife and I have yet to receive responses to our simple questions from the Association run by the “Time for Transparency” Board of Directors, which still has an unfilled vacant board officer/director position. […]

Board And Management’s Dilemma: Willful Misconduct, Gross Incompetence Or Gross Negligence?

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 17, 2018 State Parkway’s Board of Directors and management, no strangers in conduct involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, and corruption, have a new problem. Is the current budget snafu, is the board guilty of willful misconduct, gross incompetence or gross negligence? State Parkway’s Proposed 2019 Budget calls for an 11.94454% increase. However, due […]

Board And Management Asked Two More Budget Questions

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 16, 2018 Today my wife and I sent an email to board and management, asking two more budget questions, in addition to the six we are already waiting a response to, because they are refusing to investigate the six alleged fatal errors in the 2019 Budget. We asked the following two additional […]

Board President Tom Battista Can’t Stop Talking Out Of His Ass

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 16, 2018 For more than seven weeks, Board President has talked so much out of his ass, I’m beginning to wonder if he actually defecates from his mouth. This past week alone, Tom has made the following outrageous statements: Yesterday, Tom wrote, “If your intention is to publish misinformation to our unit […]

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