Board Needs To Start Paying Closer Attention To Garage Operations

JANUARY 9, 2019 UPDATE Good news! At last night’s board meeting the board approved several recommendations purportedly made by sp+. My understanding they are as follows: No more cash transactions; Reduce manpower by 40 hours per week; Eliminate paper billing; and Participate in Online Sales It’s about time the garage banned cash transactions, reversed its […]

Will Regional Director Sara Kacheris Make It To Monday Night’s Budget Adoption Meeting?

UPDATED POST: NOVEMBER 29, 2019 Sara failed to appear at the meeting because she was “sick.” However, she was well enough to participate by telephone.   ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 25, 2018 Tomorrow night is State Parkway’s budget adoption meeting, the big question is will LMS’s Regional Director Sara Kacheris show up? a) Yes, but like […]

Board And Management’s Dilemma: Willful Misconduct, Gross Incompetence Or Gross Negligence?

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 17, 2018 State Parkway’s Board of Directors and management, no strangers in conduct involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, and corruption, have a new problem. Is the current budget snafu, is the board guilty of willful misconduct, gross incompetence or gross negligence? State Parkway’s Proposed 2019 Budget calls for an 11.94454% increase. However, due […]

Board And Management Asked Two More Budget Questions

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 16, 2018 Today my wife and I sent an email to board and management, asking two more budget questions, in addition to the six we are already waiting a response to, because they are refusing to investigate the six alleged fatal errors in the 2019 Budget. We asked the following two additional […]

Letter To Unit Owners In Response To State Parkway’s 2019 Budget Materials Calling For An 11.94454% Increase In Assessments

ORIGINAL POST: NOVEMBER 16, 2018 Below is the letter that was emailed to unit owners yesterday. A hard copy will also be delivered to each unit. Unit Owners 11 15 18 Final

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