Board President, Tom Battista, Is Still Full Of Shit!

At last Tuesday’s board meeting, perennial ass-talking board president, Thomas Battista, demonstrated he’s still full of shit.

Almost 2 years ago, board president Howard Robinson, without board approval, filed a false affidavit to the Cook County Property Tax Office, which allowed the Association to evade paying several thousand dollars of property taxes on the Association-owned unit, 906, formerly called the Engineer’s Unit, per year. Robinson’s false affidavit caused the Association-owned unit to be assessed at just $1 per year.

Since last September, the folks at the Cook County Property Tax Office have been waiting for a Certificate of Error to be filed. But at the last board meeting Battista, who, according to the link below, used to be a deputy director of the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board, announced plans to file an “appeal” even though no taxes are due for the 2018 tax year (which lags a year behind). Who the hell files an appeal when no taxes are due?!?!

The purported appeal will note the Association-owned unit, PIN (Property Index Number) 17-03-102-042-1056, is being used to store accounting records (but I don’t know if he mentions unit owners cannot access the unit), and is being sent under the guise an appeal must be filed annually. Consequently, Battista is obviously either hoping the Association continues evading taxes on the Association’s owned unit, or the appeal gets “denied”, which means the Association must resume paying property taxes on the Association-owned unit.

Battista is operating on the “assumption” that the Association-owned unit is like the mail room or the property manager’s office. Problem is neither the mail room nor the property manager’s office ever had a PIN. To make matters worse, state law, Section 10(a) of the Illinois Condominium Property Act 765 ILCS 605, makes it very clear that in order for any property to be assessed $1 per year, it must be “used exclusively by the unit owners for recreational or other residential purposes.”

Stay tuned!

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