Corrupt Board of Directors File False 2017 Federal and State Tax Returns


WHO: Corrupt Tom Battista, Corrupt Margaret “Meg” Doyle Stingle, Corrupt Kevin Phelan and Corrupt and incompetent Pauline Oberland.

WHAT: State Parkway’s 2017 Federal and State tax returns, prepared by Corrupt CondoCPA.

WHEN: Sometime between the end of the October 18, 2018, board meeting and the start of the November 26, 2018, board meeting.

HOW: By falsely claiming there were, on average, 90 non-exempt vehicles parked in the garage each month instead of 58 actual per sp+’s monthly counts. This allowed the board to claim falsely inflated deductions and evade the payment of federal and state income taxes. In fact, the square footage of the parking garage is just 35,847 s.f., or approximately 325.88 per deeded parking space. Consequently, to purport 200 vehicles were parked in the garage overnight would only give each car just 179.235 s.f., which is an impossible number as vehicles need room for the driver’s door to open.

WHY: Because willfully evading taxes will make them guilty of a felony, and cause the Association to be fined $500,000?

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