Will Regional Director Sara Kacheris Make It To Monday Night’s Budget Adoption Meeting?


Sara failed to appear at the meeting because she was “sick.” However, she was well enough to participate by telephone.



Tomorrow night is State Parkway’s budget adoption meeting, the big question is will LMS’s Regional Director Sara Kacheris show up?

a) Yes, but like last year she’ll show up empty handed, which means for the second straight year she won’t be able to answer unit owners’ budget questions.

b) No, because she’s taking a personal snow day, which also means she won’t be able to teleconference either.

c) Yes, but she won’t be able to answer questions from the unit owners. She’ll defer them to the board, but the board will defer questions to her like last year.

d) Yes, but she’ll give untruthful responses to unit owner questions and/or dispense legal opinions even though she’s not licensed to practice law in Illinois.

e) Yes, but only if her boss John Santero, who lives in Sandburg Village, also shows up.

f) No, because she’ll be busy teaching a popular LMS training course.


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